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HelpdeskCategory: Questions
Text block Words in reverse order
ClosedApollo Emeka asked 2 years ago • 
380 views0 answers1 votes
Adding Images
ClosedCraig answered 2 years ago • 
470 views1 answers0 votes
Using Subtitle Editor (CC)
ClosedCarla Carstens asked 2 years ago • 
375 views0 answers0 votes
Can I add a border to the vide?
ClosedPaul Clifford asked 2 years ago • 
394 views0 answers0 votes
Changing bar height?
ClosedJay Clouse asked 2 years ago • 
437 views0 answers0 votes
Adding subtitles manually
ClosedJose Ruiz Lozada asked 2 years ago • 
520 views0 answers1 votes
Using Vietnamese Sub Titles
ClosedJames Holt asked 2 years ago • 
399 views0 answers0 votes
downloading videos
ClosedJessica Green asked 2 years ago • 
503 views0 answers0 votes
stuck on select size
ClosedJosh Irons asked 2 years ago • 
355 views0 answers0 votes