How to Edit Subtitles on Clipscribe Beta



How to Edit Subtitles On Clipscribe Beta

Hey everybody it’s Craig with Clipscribe. And in this beta tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to edit your subtitles using the new beta system. I’m going to mention some look-ahead features, meaning they’re coming very quickly but they’re not in the system right now, so be aware of that.

I wanted to go ahead and make some of these beta tutorials just to get folks started and once we are fully live and we’re not bait anymore on this new update, we’ll go ahead and reshoot this, but they’re going to be quick and short and just want to get you going on this. So, the main thing that has changed about how you’re going to edit your subtitles is that you’re now editing word by word rather than phrase by phrase.

When you come in here to your editor and you come in here to the subtitles, you’re no longer just going to be able to click in this box and just start editing text because now every single word has its own timestamp. So you’ve got to be cognizant of that. So how do you edit a word?


How Do You Edit A Word

You basically double click on it. Okay so once you double click now, you can get in there and you can change that word to whatever you want it to now looking forward. Well let me show you this, here’s a problem right here, the set words should be one word. So, if I click the first one and you can do this a couple of ways, you can click and shift, click or you can just drag and select, you can drag and select there and hit this merge button.

And so now that has merged into its own word there, I can obviously just get rid of the space. I can fix my spelling here and so now I’ve edited that and that is all one word. You can see the timing has persisted there. So you’re just going to go through each of these and added them. Now let’s say you don’t want a word, you can delete it, that’s going to remove that word completely. But all the other timestamps will stay the same if you delete that word.


How To Shift A Word To Another Block

So that is how you’re going to do that. Let’s say you want to shift the word down to another block. Okay that’s very easy.

You can click on it, you can either click this button right here and it tells you push to next block or you can hit your tab key and it will push it down to the next block. Now you have to have an adjacent active block here to do this. Okay, so let’s say that you have edited out this block here and if you don’t know clicking this eye icon which by the way is about to change to a little scissor icon to make it more clear, it’s an edit rather than just not seeing it.

But if I have this disabled and I wanted to tab this down, it’s not going to let me in fact, a little message pops up right here. Let’s say you wanted this section right here, I’m going to shift click that. You wanted this taste of our new down on their own separate block. Then you would first want to add an empty block which has moved around a bit.

Many of these used to be here under this menu item, so you can add a new empty block by clicking on that icon and it’s going to add a new one right here and then you can shift, click and tab those down to that new block. And if you didn’t notice the timing auto adjusts here, when you do that, okay, you can also backspace up to the previous block and you can only backspace or tab words based, you know, they have to be at the beginning or the end. I can’t tab this word down to the next block because it’s going to skip over the word new and it’s going to mess up the timing.


How To Adjust The Timing Of Words

Now you can adjust the timing of these words, I’m not sure why you would need to but there might become a case where you need to, you can click on either of these times and then you can adjust them but just be aware that when you adjust the timing, you’re not only adjusting the timing of this single word.

Okay it’s going to push time and forward for the next words in the block as well, or actually the most closest block, it’s going to adjust the start time in that block. Everything needs to be in synchronicity, so just be aware of that, but you might, you know, maybe a word starts a little bit later than it should for whatever reason shouldn’t generally be the case, but that’s why this is kind of hidden a little bit here because we have had people that accidentally, you know, clicked on it and then it kind of threw some things out of whack.

Okay let me think what else I can tell you a few things that are coming with this that are not in here right now. You’re going to be able to click the arrow keys to move from word to word which I think will be very easy. And I believe you’ll be able to click the enter key to start editing a word. So you won’t have to click on every word, you can just click the arrow key to move to the next word to the next word.

You won’t click tab obviously because the tab and backspace are going to be set aside for pushing words down or up, to different blocks if you need to add a line break. So let’s say you want a line break in between these words, you can actually click in between any word here and you can add a line break by doing that.


Updates To Look Forward To

Now we’re gonna have a rules based engine where you can say, hey, I  want to add a line break after every second word or something like that, but that’s not in there right now. So if you need to add a line break, you want to manually break, the line currently, that’s how you’re going to do that.

We’ll probably have some kind of combo if you have this word selected maybe like a shift return would automatically add a line break in there. That actually makes a lot of sense. So probably also something that we will do, but that’s the main thing we’re working on now is just trying to make editing your subtitles with this new word by word system, just as easy and intuitive as it can possibly be.

But I at least wanted to get you started there as usual, scroll down, click view more to move on to the next block of subtitles but I think that’s pretty much it as far as editing subtitles with the new system. Let me know what questions you have, of course.

And anything that doesn’t feel right or isn’t intuitive that I haven’t addressed or haven’t addressed by saying, that feature is coming soon or we’re working on that, definitely let me know that as well, so we can add that in there. But until then, give it a go and let us know what you think. Thanks everybody.

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