Many misspellings and inaccuracies

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christine haas asked 2 years ago

Good Morning.   I placed an on order last week and I would like a refund.  I would like to cancel my service.  The close captioning was wrong – TERRIBLY wrong.   I don’t see a way to even correct the mistakes.  I had to pay an editor to do it for me —  
Please refund me.   Thanks 

Craig Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Christine,
Do you have us confused with another company possibly? You signed up for ClipScribe back in February, not a few weeks ago.
I looked over the raw transcription of your last video and it looks quite accurate (no transcription will be perfect) but it looks to be at least 90%+ accurate if not more.

While we do have a 7-day money-back guarantee you purchased back in February (Feburary 7th 2020 to be exact).

If you can give me an example on the subtitles i.e. what is making them appear drastically inaccurate, it will help me determine what is going on there.

I can show you how to fix any mistakes you might have. It’s just a matter of clicking the CC tab and changing the text in the subtitle blocks.

Let me know.