How to Change your ClipScribe Thumbnail Preview



1:09 – Changing your thumbnail
1:46 – What is Progress Bar
2:56 – Reprocess Clipscribe Preview Thumbnail



Hey everybody, it’s Craig again with ClipScribe and in this video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to change the thumbnail on ClipScribe.

Now, to make this clear, this is only for ClipScribe purposes.  This video thumbnail won’t be exported with your video, it’s not going to be downloaded, and it’s not going to follow your video anywhere. It is only for aesthetic purposes when you’re editing your video on ClipScribe.  Let’s face it,  sometimes the program grabs a frame of me that’s not the greatest and I have to just stare at it the entire time I upload my video, in the past, you couldn’t change it because, again, it doesn’t follow you.

The only person who’s ever going to see that thumbnail is you when you load it up. However, that being said, we all got a little bit of vanity going on, so looking at that thumbnail that’s not ideal is not always pleasant. I’m going to show you how you can change that thumbnail to one that is a little bit more appealing.

Changing the Thumbnail

Let’s jump right into it. So you have your video loaded up in the editor, and that’s where you’re going to do this task. BTW, this is a new feature and we’ve added a couple of things. So you’ve got the camera icon with these arrows.

Frame Grab

The Camera Icon is used to capture Frame Grabs. It is found on the Video Editor Page

Let’s zoom in on those real quicks so I can show you exactly what I’m talking about.  You can use the progress bar here to click forward to the point of the range where you want to grab that still. And then, of course, you can fine-tune it using the arrows to move it, move it forward frame by frame.  As a side note, I’m going to do a separate video about this.



The slider is on the Video Editor Page

One thing you can do at the beginning of your video before you actually start talking is just strikes poses, do a smile, do a face, do a whatever face, depending on how extreme you wanted to be. That way, when you start editing your video, you already have some facial pic options.  If you utilize the first few minutes to create a thumbnail then, of course, you can always turn off those first few seconds of you making that thumbnail faces by making sure you’ve turned off what I call the “eyeball icon” off.


Hide subtitle

The Eyeball icon is on the Subtitle Editor “CC” tab

This way, you don’t export those first few thumbnail-making frames. Once you’ve found your ideal frame,  click the camera icon. Then click the box that reads “Reprocess ClipScribe Preview Thumbnail”.

Reprocess Thumbnail

Reprocess Clipscribe Preview Thumbnail can be found on the Camera Icon on the Video Editor Page

You will see an indicator that it’s doing something, just give it a few seconds to reprocess it, and then it will finish. When you refresh it, you’re going to see the new thumbnail image has been updated.

There, that’s better….

And that’s how you can change that thumbnail that just represents your video as you work on it. As I said, it’s just really vanity more than anything. But I totally get it, so hopefully, that helps you out. Let me know if you have questions about it. If I can help you with anything else let me know.

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