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1 Year of ClipScribe Access
for just $96
(Charged at Subscription Start)

  • Renews Annually
  • 30 Transcription Minutes per Month
  • Unlimited Video Exports/Downloads
  • 30 GB Video Storage
  • All ClipScribe Features Listed Below (Except Background Removal)



1 Year of ClipScribe Access
for just $288
(Charged at Subscription Start)

  • Renews Annually
  • 500 Transcription Minutes per Month
  • Unlimited Video Exports/Downloads
  • 500 GB Video Storage
  • All ClipScribe Features Listed Below
  • BONUS:
    20 Background Removal Credits each month
    ($216 Value)

ClipScribe Features

Automated Subtitle Creation

Upload your video and our system will automatically create your subtitles and insert them into our editor allowing you to easily edit them.

Multiple Preset Layouts

Select one of several preset layouts built around the most commonly used design configurations for your video size and your target platform.

Attention Grabbing Headlines

Add headlines and sublines to your design to draw attention to your video using the colors and fonts of your choice.

Add Logos, Emojis & Images

Add an unlimited number of images, logos or emojis to your video using our own emoji library or uploading your own.

Custom Countdown Creator

With our Countdown Creator create a custom animated countdown in one of three different styles using the colors, fonts and textures of your choice!

Template & Copy Engine

Save your design as a template to use over and over or easily copy your design to a new layout with the click of a button.

17+ Languages

ClipScribe can transcribe and create subtitles for videos in over 17 languages and dialects.

Blog Exporter

Maximize the impact of your videos! Export your transcript in paragraph form for import into your blog or website.

SRT Import/Export

Import SRT subtitle files from other applications or export them from ClipScribe.

Quote Bank

Use our quote editor to easily take quotables from your video content and use them in postable still images and graphics.

Image Post Creator

Use our image post creator to easily create thumbnails and image posts using frame grabs and quotes from your videos.

Frame Grabber

Easily grab frames from your video and use them to create thumbnails, quote graphics and image posts for social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are "Transcription Minutes per Month?"

    • This refers to the number of video minutes you can upload to ClipScribe each month. All videos are counted towards your minutes, even if they do not have audio for transcription. For example, if your plan gives you 180 minutes you could upload sixty 3-minute videos every month or thirty six 5 minute videos every month.
  • When are my minutes deducted?

    • Your minutes are deducted only at upload. Once your video is uploaded, you can create and export as many videos as you wish in as many formats as you wish without any penalty.
  • How many videos can I create or export?

    • Once your video is uploaded, you may create as many videos/layouts as you want to. You may export multiple sizes/formats as well as create multiple videos in various lengths for your target platforms.
  • What is Video Storage used for?

    • You are given a specific amount of storage based on your plan to store the video content you upload and create on ClipScribe. You may always delete older videos/projects if you need more storage.
  • Is there an upload filesize limit?

    • You may upload videos up to 2 GB. However, we highly recommend pre-compressing your videos to H.264 MP4 to make it easier on yourself during upload and encoding on ClipScribe
  • Is there a video length limit?

    • ClipScribe was built for short marketing videos 0-10 minutes long. You may use your minutes for any length video, but ClipScribe is made for boosting the attention-commanding attributes of shorter content in order to drive people/attention to your long-form content. One might argue that if your viewers are watching a 30+ minute video, you already have their attention. 🙂
  • Does ClipScribe host my videos or do I download them?

    • While we provide storage for the content you upload and create, ClipScribe is not a hosting platform. When your video is complete, you will download it and then upload it to the platform of your choice.