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Transform Your Office Into A Video Production Studio

Dealing with Reels Crop

Timestamp: Tiktok Video Error – Are You Doing This? 1:38-1:57 Tiktok and Instagram Extra Space – Is This Acceptable? 2:15-2:51 Tiktok & Instagram Ratios – How To Fix It Easily 4:45-5:09 Increase Subtitle Views – Hack To Better Design 5:15-5:59 Benefits of Clipscribe – To Increase Your Reach and Influence 7:11-7:35   “Instagram is chopping …

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Shaka Origin

Timestamp: Our Biggest Weakness Can Be Our Legacy 3:03-3:23 The Missing Piece in Most Content Creators 3:30-3:49 Why The People With The Most Influence Online Succeed 5:12-5:34 How The Trolls Can Carry Your Message Further 5:43-6:12 The One Key To Finding Your Loyal Audience 6:47-7:07   THE 3-STEP FORMULA TO STORYTELLING CONTENT   Hey, everybody! …

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Max Headroom

Timestamp: Headroom matters on your video – And how you audience feels 2:00-2:27 Admit that this is a thing… It will make a difference! 2:40-3:00 Once Is Ideal – Which One Do You Think? 3:07-3:42 Make Your Audience Comfortable – Don’t Do This! 4:07-4:28 The Sweet Spot In Video Position – How To Get It …

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Audience Specific Content

Timestamp: Content Matters – Create Content to Grab Attention :24 – :36 Make Your Audience Need It – Product Dependent 1:01 – 1:37 Relate To Your Audience Without Nagging About Your Product 4:01 – 4:13 Make Your Product Relevant – Why Education is the Key 9:00-9:17 How To Keep Attention Spans and Why It’s the …

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Are Videos Better Than Blog Posts?

Are Videos Better than Blog Posts?

Timestamp: 1:09 – Personal Factor 2:19 – Backwards Compatibility 3:23 – Social Favors Video 4:05 – Repurposed Ability 5:23 – SEO and Duplicate Content Issues Transcript Hi, everybody. It’s Craig with Clipscribe so today I want to talk to you about the question, are videos greater than blog posts, and this isn’t definitely is not …

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Craig's Content Compounding Course

Content Compounding Course

Transcript Hey everybody, it’s Craig here. Just want to give you a little brief intro to this content compounding course. Let me bring it up on the screen here and of course, this video is not here yet because I haven’t done it. So you will, you’re already on this page if you’re watching this …

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