Are Videos Better Than Blog Posts?

Are Videos Better than Blog Posts?

Timestamp: 1:09 – Personal Factor 2:19 – Backwards Compatibility 3:23 – Social Favors Video 4:05 – Repurposed Ability 5:23 – SEO and Duplicate Content Issues Transcript Hi, everybody. It’s Craig with Clipscribe so today I want to talk to you about the question, are videos greater than blog posts, and this isn’t definitely is not …

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Craig's Content Compounding Course

Content Compounding Course

Transcript Hey everybody, it’s Craig here. Just want to give you a little brief intro to this content compounding course. Let me bring it up on the screen here and of course, this video is not here yet because I haven’t done it. So you will, you’re already on this page if you’re watching this …

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How to Resolve Upload Security Issues for El Capitan or other older Mac OS.

If you have MAC with EL Capitan as the OS (or possibly other older MAC OS operating systems), you are likely running into a security certificate issue when trying to access our uploader.  These security issues will prevent our uploader from loading. We have found a rather simple solution for this, tested said resolution and …

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Why Should you Keep Your Social Media Video Branding Basic?

One of our ClipScribe users recently asked us how to compress her videos before uploading them to ClipScribe? In this Clipscribe video, Craig Lillard talks about prepping your video content for ClipScribe to make everything easier on you during the editing and exporting process.

Social Media Video Thumbnail Creation Hack

Often we don’t think about our video thumbnail until after the video is finished, and then it is too late. In this video, Craig Lillard shows you how to use ClipScribe to easily create thumbnails

Subtitles Or Attention

What’s the Purpose of Subtitles in Social Media Videos?

Are subtitles only for “Closed Captioning?” In this video, Craig Lillard puts forth the cases when subtitles are used for social media attention more than the traditional “Closed Captioning” purposes they have traditionally been used for.

The IGTV Cut

The IGTV Cut

In this Clipscribe video, we will show you how to properly format an IGTV video