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We just launched as of June 26th, and as a new software platform, bugs are bound to happen. If you have any issues at all PLEASE post here or email Craig at so we can resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Thanks for helping us make ClipScribe great!

Downloading a Video
AnsweredNardine Gharsa answered 3 days ago • 
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Captions not playing video
OpenMatthew Hayman asked 6 hours ago • 
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Adding Subtitles
AnsweredCraig answered 16 hours ago • 
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Tips for editing subtitles
AnsweredWendeline McManus answered 23 hours ago • 
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My videeo have been uploading for more tan 12 hrs
AnsweredCraig answered 19 hours ago • 
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Are we able to download our ClipScribe video in HD?
OpenJonathan Cannovan asked 1 day ago • 
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Uploaded Video won’t Display or Play during CC editing…
AnsweredCraig answered 1 day ago • 
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Best way to edit subtitles
OpenMr J W Hamilton-Potter asked 4 days ago • 
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Can’t make videos -- see recording
AnsweredCraig answered 2 days ago • 
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Background of CC text changes size when being “made”
AnsweredTodd Sullivan answered 3 days ago • 
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Is there any way for logos to only be part of the video for a few seconds?
AnsweredCraig answered 2 days ago • 
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OpenBlair ballin asked 3 days ago • 
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