ClipScribe Done-for-You Video Job Ticket for ID 235950

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Gianna Miceli asked 2 years ago

Thanks for starting a new video editing job. You may use this ticket to communicate with your editor.


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I don’t know what this question refers to.

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My brand color is #fa58f4. I like bold yellow. And black and white. I like how Brad Lea’s IG looks. Mine will be all videos. I’d like to alternate black and white backgrounds.

ClipScribe Editing Team replied 2 years ago

@Gianna Miceli Hi there! Just wanted to let you know we have received your order. Also, are you happy for us to use your current clipscribe templates that you have created?

Gianna Miceli replied 2 years ago

No I’m paying for your expert service.
My templates suck.