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Logan Henry asked 2 years ago

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Template Info

I would definitely like a custom template created. I will drop over all my brand colors/ logos as well as past templates I’ve used in the past to use as inspiration (but not be the exact same )

Brand colors here:

(note: for colors- I typically go for classy/ neutral colors however sometimes I will use slight red in certain things and I’m okay with considering using that slightly in a template if you guys think it looks good )

Brand logos here:

Past templates to use as inspiration:

(note: again for templates, I would like each video to look classy and high end and would be open to your guys creative insight on this )

Additional Info

Would love an attention grabbing headline that makes sense with the video and for the video to be a cleaner more polished version that flows really well and catches attention. My audience are successful men and I want each edited video to come off as classy. Also, I would like to use the url that I state within each video.

**If I don’t mention a url within the video then I’d like to have the url “” be the standard one (but ONLY for videos where I don’t state the URL/ call to action, which I usually say at the end of the video.)