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Logan Henry asked 2 years ago

Thanks for starting a new video editing job. You may use this ticket to communicate with your editor.


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I’ve spoken with Tyler about upcoming changes in templates. I’m wanting to ditch the framing around the video for now and keep the text engaging with emojis throughout and potentially various color schemes that are still classy looking.

Here are some examples I sent to him:
I understand they may not be able to be exact as these examples but I would like my videos to mirror them in a sense.

Additional Info

I would like the quick headline that shows at the very beginning to be:

Watch this if you want a stupid simple tip to drop excess weight

Also, I want to keep the next videos purely value driven- so I don’t want a url on the video and I would like the video to be cut after I give the entire tip. I believe it’s around the 3 minute 21 second mark.

Though it was recorded in horizontal, I’m keen to see if it’s possible to cut this video to where it gives more of a ‘vertical’ style frame.