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Olivia Vo asked 2 years ago

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Format Square

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Teal, blue, white
Please use Success Ocean logo (

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Beyond editing, can you add title slide, “Introduction to Mindfulness” and some music before and after?
Sync up audio?

Cut out words tonight, Day 5 of challenge.

The name is Tené Kosmyna, Transformational Consultant of Success Ocean International

The original video was shot vertically on a phone, then I used Filmora to autoframe it 1:1

If you need that original clip please let me know!

ClipScribe Editing Team replied 2 years ago

Your ClipScribe Done-for-You videos are ready to download.

Your editor had this to say:

The video weas uploaded in a very small format so when you download this video, you will see that the video is very small and if you upload this to social media, there is a chance that the quality decreases even more so the entire video my be a little blurry. This is simply because the video that was submitted was very small and low quality!. Just thought I’d note that for you!


This link will take you to your video download links on the My Uploads page and the individual video formats you ordered based on your Done-for-You Plan.

If you need any other help, please can reply to this email.