How do you see the video itself when you are editing the templates?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsHow do you see the video itself when you are editing the templates?
Mike Hoyles asked 3 years ago

I assumed the video would be a screenshot at 0:00 and you build your template around it, providing visibility into colors, placement(s), dimensions, etc…
Instead I upload a video, go to edit or apply a template, and I get a blank square. I’m left to edit the template with no line of sight into the video itself.
Then the finished product has the wrong placements, colors, dimensions, so on and I’ve basically just wasted time and money. Does this get better or should I just refund now and save my time?

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Mike,
Sounds like something went wrong here.
Let me take a look.
– Craig

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Ok, so when you uploaded your video, you clicked the “My video is vertical” button.  When you click that, you are clarifying that your uploaded video is a vertical video 1080X1920 resolution and so everything that follows depends on your video being vertical.  We ask that question because often a video can “appear” horizontal to the system, but actually be vertical.
However, in your case, while it looks like your original video was vertical, somewhere along the way, it got put into a horizontal video.  So, the actual video you uploaded is 1920X1080 horizontal rather than vertical.  (see below.)

And this is why you have a blank white space instead of a video.  So, you can upload again and not check the vertical box or you can upload the original vertical video and choose the vertical box.  But as it is, the system can’t sort out what resolution and aspect ratio this video is.
Let me know how I can help with this further.  I can reset this video as horizontal if you want.  I recommend uploading horizontal videos and shooting horizontally.  You will have many other options than if you shoot vertically.