New ClipScribe “Substyle” update!

HelpdeskNew ClipScribe “Substyle” update!
Craig Staff asked 2 years ago

Hi everyone! Our new Substyle update is live as of this AM September 22nd.

I will be posting a live demo on our FB group today and I will post that video here as well so you can see a quick overview of the features, but for now, I did want to create this ticket for any bug reports or questions. Detailed tutorials are coming asap.

The update is currently in beta, so you can expect some potential bugs or issues and if you report them here we will get them resolved asap.

In the meantime…

Here are the most important things to know about the new beta Substyle update:

Note, this update is currently in beta and optional. You can choose to utilize it when you upload your video in the pop-up where you type a name for your video. Bug or oddity reports are appreciated.

1. Word by Word display and editing

This is a word by word system so you won’t edit the phrase, you will edit words.

Double click on a word to edit it. You can put in whatever you want, but you can see the word’s timing when you click on it and can adjust the timing with the arrows.

2. Inactive/Alt Subtitle Colors

You will see an alt option when in the main subtitle settings design area. (Where you choose your default subtitle font, etc.)

When you change those alt colors, those are the colors that will show when that word is no longer the active word. So if you say "Cat" when the words shows up you will see the main style, but when the next word shows up, the word cat will change to the alt/inactive colors.

3. Substyles

When you see a "Style" option, these are Substyles. You can add a substyle to any subtitle word to give it that word its own unique punch or look. You can add styles to multiple words by shift click selecting.

You can create your own Substyles as well. You do need to first ADD the Subtyles you want to your video though. When you click "Add or Create a New Substyle" a gallery pops up. Drag the styles you want to use to the top box to add them to your video.

These particular styles will now show up in your style dropdown when you click on a word.

When you save your video, clone your video or create a template, the substyles you added to it will save along with it so they will be available if you load up a template or clone a video.

4. Transitions

You can now add slide in/out transitions and fade transitions to Substyles, subtitle blocks and timed text/images/emojis. There is a little transition icon that looks like 4 slanted lines fading out.

5. Inline Subtitle Emojis.

You will see a little emoji icon in the upper right of each subtitle block. Click it and an emoji menu pops up. Click one and it will be added to the end of your subtitle line and timed with the last word.

You can drag it to any point between any words. It will be timed with the previous word.

You can also click on any space in between words and add one that way.

6. Line breaks

As with emojis, you can click in between any words and a pop-up appears so you can add a line break. It will appear as a little icon you can remove.

7. Saving

When you save your video, the page won’t refresh to speed things up.

There is more, but these are the main updates, so give it a go and let me know if anything isn’t intuitive enough.

Coming Very Soon:

A rules engine that will allow you to add styles and line breaks via rules i.e. "Add Substyle 3 to every first word of every subtitle block."

or "Add a line break after every 2nd word".

Known issues:

Punctuation isn’t showing up. A fix is coming for this.

Video tutorials coming asap.



Brad Poirier replied 2 years ago

Hey Craig,
I love the new guide layouts! Happy to see that feature come in.
For what its worth, if it is helpful, I have figured out some specific guide layouts, especially since IGTV isn’t a main content type now.
Here are the guide positions I use for Reels and TikTok



TikTok (There’s one to make along horizontal axis at 890 pixels. This is to account for the sidebar TikTok has of the like/comment/save area.

Hope that helps and can be placed in.
Or better yet, add our own guide layouts 😉

David Demangos replied 2 years ago

Quick call or Zoom?