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Craig Staff asked 10 months ago

Hey everyone! So, over the past few days, we’ve had some intermittent upload issues that have been very difficult to de-bug and stop from happening. So, I reworked how the system works as far as the main uploader goes to prevent  this from happening. I can’t say it won’t happen again as there is a slight chance the issue isn’t the issue…  But I doubt it. I will be watching and get alerts if an upload doesn’t go right. If you are new here, this isn’t business as usual.  Things are generally quite stable. And as always if you need help, let me know sooner rather than later.

Oh, there is a chance your thumbnail may not load immediately, so just refresh if not.  I will sort this out.


Liz White replied 10 months ago

I am wondering if my latest video will need to be re-started as I started it on Friday and finished it today.

Craig Staff replied 10 months ago

Hi Liz. If your video uploaded successfully originally then all should be fine.
The issue was with the initial uploads.
– Craig

Joe Robert replied 10 months ago

Hi, i am unable to upload videos

Stephan Kerby replied 10 months ago

This system is a disaster! I have tried to upload in every single format available and it continues to tell me its the wrong format. Ive wasted several hours here and no luck. Are you still fixing it and if so please state that and dont say its been fixed as it obviously has not. Very frustrating.

Dennis Wright replied 10 months ago

I totally agree.

infotrafficality-com replied 10 months ago

@Stephan Kerby @Joe Robert Ok, I believe I see the issue. The issue is not that your files are not uploading as much as there is a delay. So, hang on a few moments and I will get your files online and figure out how to deal with this delay.

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Ara Mamourian answered 10 months ago

Hey, so I can’t seem to upload my recent video. Just getting the white screen and the time bar isn’t registering the length of it. screenshot uploaded. I’ve tried many times in different formats and refreshed, cleared cache etc. 

Georgio Baylouny answered 10 months ago

Ever since the new upload system, I am not able to view/edit new videos that have been uploaded… I’ve tried a few different videos to make sure there wasn’t an issue with the first one, but nothing is working. Anyone else having this problem?

Wayne Dummitt answered 10 months ago

Yes. I am having the same problem…it goes through the upload, then tells me to wait…then its not there.

infotrafficality-com replied 10 months ago

@Wayne Dummitt, @Georgio Baylouny & @Ara Mamourian Can you take a look now and report back?
– Craig

Wayne Dummitt replied 10 months ago

Still not working, I am trying a different format.

Dominique Mullally answered 10 months ago

Hi there,
Having issues uploading my video.
It keeps failing. 

Craig Staff replied 10 months ago

@Dominique Mullally Your issue isn’t related to any of this I believe. I emailed you about it earlier. Yours appears to be a network issue on your end. Email me at and I can walk you through it.

I would wait a bit and try again, and if it won’t go, then I would upload it to your DropBox or Google Drive account and use the DropBox or Drive buttons to import from there. If it imports from there, then you have a network issue on your end. If it doesn’t, then there is a file issue. But based on what I am seeing, it appears to be network related.
– Craig

Dominique Mullally replied 10 months ago

Ok no problems thank you Craig!

Ken Adolph Wellness answered 10 months ago

Any idea when this will be ready? I’ve gotten this screen for the past 20 mins. I’m trying to get a video done today & I just need to find another option if you won’t be up by then.

infotrafficality-com replied 10 months ago

No, will be ready in probably 30 minutes Ken.

Craig Staff replied 10 months ago

Ok give it a go Ken.
– Craig

Mark Raynsford replied 10 months ago

Hmm I’ve uploaded a video, it says Titles ready for design – but when you click to do so, the video displays blank – I’ve just uploaded the video now – it wasn’t one from earlier?

Mark Raynsford replied 10 months ago

OK, not to worry – uploaded again and all fine

Georgio Baylouny answered 10 months ago

The videos are uploading but it seems the plug in or whatever is used during the editing process is not working. So while I can add a title or edit the subtitles, the video never shows up. However, I am able to make and download the video (though the subtitle timing is off because I’m not able to view the video and subtitles simultaneously during editing).

Craig Staff replied 10 months ago

@Georgio Baylouny Thanks for your patience! This is all set. You “might” have a video that slipped through the cracks as I rolled out the update, so if so, let me know which one.

Georgio Baylouny replied 10 months ago

Hi Craig,
My video titled “Resistance training” is still having this issue. Would much appreciate your help. Thanks!

Craig Staff replied 10 months ago

@Georgio Baylouny Hey Georgio. Ok, it looks to be good to go now. Check it out and let me know. All the upload issues were resolved and haven’t had any other issues in the last day or so.
If you need anything else let me know and thanks for your patience! 🙂
– Craig

Georgio Baylouny replied 10 months ago

Thanks for taking care of that so quickly!