Refund my renewal – I never use it

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsRefund my renewal – I never use it
Brian Chaplin asked 6 months ago

I was recenlty charged for a renewel, I can attach the invoice but I haven’t used the service since since 19 Aug 2021 and I have turned off the auto renew option but I’d like to know if any refund is possible.

I also reached out on to the information desk and explained the issue but there was no reply.

Looking forward to your reply.



1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 6 months ago

Hey Brian,

You are all set on this. Sorry for the confusion. I did see an email from you, but it just said "This was supposed to be cancelled" so it just confused me a bit as our system is typically pretty easy to go in and cancel. Sometimes people will respond to our emails and send a copy to another team member letting them know "This was supposed to be cancelled" so, I incorrectly assumed that must have been that type of message.

However, I did see your account was set to manual renewal, so it shouldn’t have auto-renewed, and I can’t quite tell why. Haven’t seen that before.

Ultimately, my apologies for leaving you hanging and thanks for following up so I could get you taken care of.

I refunded you and made sure your account was fully cancelled.

If I can help further, let me know.

Thanks for giving ClipScribe a go!