Same crap again.

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsSame crap again.
Stirling Gardner asked 3 years ago

If these two issues are not resolved today, please give me a refund. I have already recommended this once and will no longer do so. Keep my affiliate commission and put it towards a working platform.

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Ok Stirling. Fingers crossed, the uploader fix is in place. It is a reasonable upgrade, so there shouldn’t be the previous issue as it avoids the area that was causing it.

So, on the templates. Could you possibly give me a little detail? Do you mean they aren’t showing up when you start a new video? Or when you click SELECT TEMPLATE on the editor page? I am going to see if I can restore your templates from a backup.


– Craig

Stirling Gardner asked 3 years ago

This is ridiculous. Same thing again. 

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

I am going to email you a dropbox link. Let me see what’s up with that video.

Sending it to your gmail.

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

Hey, if you have other videos you want up, just dump them all in the dropbox and I will take care of it.

So, I looked through all of your uploads. So, up until this issue a couple of days ago you had 41 successful uploads it looks like.

You did have a few that either failed or were cancelled. This is normal and is pretty much always a network type issue. We use a third-party upload company called FileStack and they have a great system. I can’t say it is as good as Google or DropBox, but it’s very good and I spend the money on it over having our own system to make sure uploads go through. Once we switched over to it, the success rate went way up over just a typical site uploader. HOWEVER… network issues happen.

This is all separate from what started happening a couple of days ago. That was totally unusual and to be honest, the helpdesk has been comparatively very quiet as of late as things have been running very smoothly for several months now. But, crap happens… As soon as these issues started occurring, I can assure you everything was done to try to resolve them immediately. But, even Facebook goes down sometimes…

Now, luck has it, that when you just tried to upload again, you seem to have hit one of the network failures. And so, obviously the timing of that is not ideal…. But, it was not connected to the previous issue.

I generally suggest for folks that have normal failures, that they use the DropBox or Google Drive importers. While FileStack is great, their networks are much larger and the transfer from them to us is almost immediate. But again, it doesn’t seem to be a constant issue under normal circumstances.

But I do hope that you won’t hold the last couple of days against us. 🙂 While I know they have been frustrating, again, its a blip, not a constant.

Anything I can do to make things smoother for you, just let me know.

And if you upload those files to the DropBox link I sent, I will get them right up for you and ensure all goes smooth.

Thanks – Craig