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Janet Hall asked 4 years ago

how do you add a link to the bottom bar?

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Janet.  So, a couple of ways to answer this.
1.  In general I don’t recommend adding links to your videos unless it is just your home page.  But even then, they won’t be able to click it, so I would add the link within the text of your ad, post, blog, etc. and in the video tell them to click that link.
2.  But, if you want to add your primary URL, you can either:

A.  If you want it to only show at the end of the video, find the spot where you want it to show up within he subtitle blocks and click the menu icon on the block you want your Url to start showing.  Click Add Text and it will add a new text block.  Change the text, add a background color (note, this color is transparent by default) change fonts, etc..  You will also see timing slider you can use to lengthen the amount of time you want the text to stay on screen.
B.  If you want the URL to show through the entire video, click on the Paint brush tab and click ADD HEADLINE and same thing, change the text, change the colors, fonts, etc.  However, any text/headline you add from the main design area will stay on screen the whole time.
Anything else you need let me know.

Janet Hall replied 4 years ago

OK, Thank you.