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We just launched as of June 26th, and as a new software platform, bugs are bound to happen. If you have any issues at all PLEASE post here or email Craig at craigl@clipscribe.com so we can resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Thanks for helping us make ClipScribe great!

HelpdeskCategory: Questions
Using an SRT on a video that is longer than the SRT file
AnsweredCraig answered 14 hours ago • 
5 views1 answers0 votes
sizing is not matching LinkedIN
ClosedJo Jackson asked 1 week ago • 
46 views0 answers0 votes
The video is taking forever to upload
ClosedClare Humphreys answered 7 days ago • 
29 views1 answers0 votes
Many misspellings and inaccuracies
Closedchristine haas asked 1 week ago • 
22 views0 answers0 votes
Mistakes in subtitles
ClosedDaniel Moore asked 2 weeks ago • 
19 views0 answers0 votes
I am trying to buy clipscribe – can’t buy
ClosedVaishali Nikhade asked 2 weeks ago • 
19 views0 answers0 votes
It says I have no audio in my video and it won’t generate subtitles.
ClosedLynn Roberts answered 2 weeks ago • 
27 views2 answers0 votes
videos stuck “in progress”
ClosedLynn Roberts answered 2 weeks ago • 
21 views2 answers0 votes
Replace Video or upload without processing transcription
ClosedHank Hoffmeier asked 2 weeks ago • 
16 views0 answers0 votes
Closedwbwendybreakstone-com asked 2 weeks ago • 
27 views0 answers0 votes
Cannot upload video using url link
ClosedCraig answered 2 weeks ago • 
13 views1 answers0 votes
SRT upload not working for the last 2 weeks.
ClosedShelley Sloper asked 2 weeks ago • 
24 views0 answers0 votes
Update Existing Video
ClosedChristopher Harold asked 2 weeks ago • 
20 views0 answers0 votes
Refund Request
ClosedCraig answered 2 weeks ago • 
53 views1 answers0 votes
Add subtitles to no audio
ClosedCraig answered 2 weeks ago • 
26 views1 answers0 votes