Am I able to use this from my iPhone?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsAm I able to use this from my iPhone?
Arvin Anderson asked 5 years ago

I tried creating a video and it didn't download to my phone and when I viewed it the subtitles didn't show and the title was cutoff. 

infotrafficality-com replied 5 years ago

Hey Arvin,

2 separate things here. Let me take a look at your video and I will report back in a moment.

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infotrafficality-com asked 5 years ago

Hi Arvin,
So, a couple of things here.

  1.  I resolved the issue with your subtitles cutting off and that shouldn’t happen again. 
  2. You had a couple of other issues there.  
    1. 1.  Your text was white on a white background, so I fixed that for you.  
    2. Your subtitles can use some editing too.  Click the CC tab to make those edits
  3. So, on the download.  Some mobile browsers won’t allow you to download videos.  If the video opens up in the browser, but doesn’t give you The option to download, I would use the dropbox option.  It will send the video straight to your dropbox and then using the dropbox app you can do whatever you want with it on your mobile device.

    Sorry for the confusion there.  I am going to add a notification now to clarify this.

Let me know how else I can help.

You can download your video here:

– Craig