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Nick Ruta asked 2 years ago

Hi Craig,

There seems to be an issue with the audio not syncing on the videos I upload. Can you please advise? This happened the first time and seems to be worse the second which is the one I would like to use ASAP.



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Craig Staff asked 2 years ago

Hey Gill!

So it looks like the sync issue is in the original video. I just downloaded it to check and the original upload is where the sync issue is. Unfortunately, our software isn’t really made to solve that problem (and sync issues like these are sometimes very difficult to solve anyway even with a non-linear video editor because the sync can often drift.)

The ideal thing to do is to figure out why it is happening in the first place. Can you give me a step by step on your workflow (don’t leave anything out.)

i.e. Shot the video on my iPhone using the built in camera app. Then used __ app to trim it. Then transfered it to my computer using a cable and then uploaded it to ClipScribe.

Any details you can include will help. Stuff like this usually happens in an intermediate application.

The only way to try to fix it would be to use something like iMovie or Adobe Premiere. If you don’t have access to these let me know and I can see if I can fix it for you using Adobe Premiere.