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Nathan Komorowski asked 4 years ago

How do i remove the background line that stays on the screen when text isn’t present? Or how can I have the background of text stay present?

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Nathan!
You have a few options here.
On each subtitle block, there is three line a menu icon.  If you click that, there are the HIDE BOX and HIDE TEXT options.  You can turn off the background box on any block you want with the HIDE BOX switch.  So if you just have a few you want to get rid of, you can do that.
If you want to get rid of the blank ones en masse, there is an option in the CC OPTIONS drop down menu which is at the top of the subtitle editor.
The option I believe says something like “Carry-Over Subtitles Next Blank” or something to that effect.  Basically this will get rid of all of the blank boxes and just carry over the text to the next blank box.
One of these should get you where you need to go.
But let me know if you need more help.