Blank white screen?

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Kelsey Eigler asked 4 years ago

I uploaded my video and it’s showing up normally in the preview … 

But when I go into the actual editor, it’s a blank white template that doesn’t show my video at all. 

I tried…
– Clearing my browser, cache and cookies… 
– Restarting my computer 
– Unplugging and restarting my internet… 

Nothing’s helped, so I wonder if it’s something on the Clipscribe site? 

Any ideas!?

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Kelsey,
This almost always happens if:
1.  You upload a horizontal video, but click the “I shot this vertically” box upon upload.
2.  You upload a vertical video, but click the “I shot this horizontally” box upon upload.

Those boxes are meant to clarify to the system (even though it does it’s best to sort it out on its own) the shape of your video.

I see you have two videos of the same filename, one says it is vertical and one says it is horizontal, so I assume that is the issue.
You should just re-upload and make sure you check the box based on the aspect of your video.  
Let me know how else I can help.
– Craig