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Mark Swinford asked 5 years ago

Hi Craig, what’s the best size to create branding etc to upload? also on the square video, if I want to design a bar image to put behind the text, what size should that be too? 
Great app, keep up the good work! 

1 Answers
infotrafficality-com asked 5 years ago

Hi Mark!  Thanks for the good words!
So for your branding, try to visualize how large you want it on the screen.
If your video is 1920X1080 (1920 Wide) and you want your branding to sit, say, on the right of the screen taking up about 15% of the screen, you would need to make sure it is at least 288px wide.
Better it is larger than smaller.
For the bars, if you are using a square video make them 1920X420.
Any other questions, just let me know.