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ryan amato asked 5 years ago

Hello, on mobile and on desktop, when I download I am not able to open the videos and I am getting this on the desktop
This file isn’t playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt.
On mobile it is just not downloading at all.
Any tips or tricks here?

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infotrafficality-com asked 5 years ago

Hi Ryan!
So a few things here.
Your most recent video appears to download fine:

I you want to download it to mobile, only certain browsers allow you to download video.  The latest release of Chrome does, so I would download it.  You still should be able to open and view the video though.
On your other video that won’t open, when you uploaded it you tagged it as a vertical video, but it isn’t.
So, that is the main issue why the system is choking on it.
I fixed it, but you will have to go back and choose another layout on the My Videos page.
That said, there is something wrong with that video.  There are big black borders around it throughout much of the video.
It isn’t ideal and if possible I would make sure those are taken out.  What program was this video made in?