Caption are CAPITALIZED on video, on export they are not!

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsCaption are CAPITALIZED on video, on export they are not!
Alauddin Ahmed asked 4 years ago

I only did this for one video so far.  I took the SRT file from Clipscribe and uploaded it to YouTube considering I had spent so much time fixing the text here.

Now, the exported file had text format that was all over the place – some things are CAPITIALIZED, some edits I did were not.

So, question I have is if by default all our text is ALL CAPS…why not export it all as all caps?
or maybe share with us the best way to manage this.


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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Ok, try it now and let me know.
– Craig

Alauddin Ahmed replied 4 years ago

Dude, you are rocking it! That seems to work for the exported file.
Still, question I have is this – can we decide within the Clipscribe app how we want to display the captions?

Default is caps, and I don’t mind it since I don’t have to worry too much on proper grammar 🙂