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choicewithingmail-com asked 5 years ago

Can I create captions with a simple whiteboard background?

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Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi! Thanks for your question.

So, with ClipTitles, you don’t create the captions, but you upload a video with speech and our system creates the captions. Right now, we don’t have it setup for you to write them in yourself. Honestly, I think it would be easier to just make a white video and record your audio over it and upload it. That way you don’t have to type in the captions.

Just to clarify, ClipTitles isn’t a video editor, it is a tool to easily create captioned and headlined videos from your video. So, you wouldn’t be building your video in ClipTitles, but I would again, just create a video with a whiteboard background and upload it. In my opinion, this would be the easiest way to handle this. You could use iMovie on the iPhone for example to pretty easily create a white video and also use it to record the audio over the white video.

Not sure if that would get you where you are trying to go, but hopefully it answered your question.


Craig Lillard

choicewithingmail-com replied 5 years ago

Hello Craig,
Yes, after posting the question I figured that out ……lol I completely understand and you are correct, just create the audio and then use a simple blank white backdrop, insert the audio, produce the video and then insert the produced video into ClipTitles- Got It!
Thanks for your timely response,

Craig Staff replied 5 years ago

For sure Brian. Let me know how I can help.