Captions for Vertical?

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David Demangos asked 2 years ago

David Demangos replied 2 years ago

Any way of doing this?

Craig Staff replied 2 years ago

@David Demangos Ok, I would choose the vertical layout, the one with the bars on it for your horizontal video. Then turn those bars off (little eye icon) on Top Bar settings and Bottom Bar settings.
Use the video positioner to move the video up towards the top.
Then you could add a text block to put the text on the bottom.
You could add a background to the canvas if you need the blurry background (you would of course have to create that image.)
That is how I would do it.
Does that make sense?
– Craig

David Demangos replied 2 years ago

is it just my account or are no videos getting past upload. I've done it three times today with no ability to add captions etc.