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operationsbunkeryourrisk-com asked 4 years ago

I filmed the shot horizontally but when I try to use the vertical “IGTV” look it looks off center. Is there a way to center the video shot?

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

When you use the 1:1 option on a horizontal video, we crop it right down the center, but because in your original video, the subject is slightly off-center, it is more pronounced in the crop.

Here is my suggestion though. If you are wanting to add text/subtitles to the video I highly recommend using the layout that has a vertical frame (9:16) but a horizontal video (16:9), This will keep your video 16:9 intact and also give you extra room above and below your video for your subtitles and headline, as IGTV will crop the top and bottom for the feed.

This option is the last one on the right. I went ahead and set one up for you. (Click the link below)

Manage Transcriptions

However, if you require the 1:1 video size let me know and I will see how I can help to that effect.

– Craig

operationsbunkeryourrisk-com replied 4 years ago

Craig. Thank you for the quick response and the solution. I’ve asked my partner to center herself moving forward to continue using the 1:1 but this works for now.

Thanks for a great tool overall!

P.S. Why do I have the capability of deleting other people’s comments? I’ve always wondered that.