Color of my video changed!

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Jennifer Fisher asked 1 year ago

I’m not happy with the color change that occured when I uploaded my video to clipscribe. It’s very unnatural and dead is not the look I am going for.

Cliprscribe Admin, please, what has happend here? What are my options?

Thank you kindly.


Craig Staff replied 1 year ago

@Jennifer Fisher Hey Jennifer!
Thanks for checking in.
The issue is the original video actually.
In your iPhone settings, go to Camera->Formats and make sure it is set to Most Compatible instead of High Efficiency.
The High Efficiency video codec isn’t compatible with browsers so your videos will show up looking yellow.
I manually re-encoded your original as a courtesy using iMovie which is one of the only ways to try to get the color to match. So it is critical to make sure you use the right setting when you shoot the video otherwise this will continue to happen.

As a courtesy (has to be a one-time courtesy just because it is takes a good bit of time unfortunately) I downloaded your original video and manually ran it through Adobe Premiere which does a decent job of converting the color and I will replace your original video with this version when it is ready and you can re-export your video.
I’ll let you know when it is ready to re-make, but going forward if you make that change on your phone you will be all set.

Craig Staff replied 1 year ago

@Jennifer Fisher Ok Jennifer, your new ClipScribe video is being made now. Give it just a bit and you can go on and re-download it.
BTW, your audio levels were quite low on your original so I bumped them up for you when I made the color fix in Adobe Premiere.
If I can help further, please let me know.

Jennifer Fisher replied 1 year ago

Wow 🤩 Craig you’re a star. Thanks for the tips and for your efforts. Not sure what changing the setting on my iPhone videos to “most compatible” will mean for all of my others video shooting but I will explore that.

I’ve already shared the video on several platforms but I will see about them out.

Many thanks again.