Deleting CC after being uploaded

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Anne Gnuechtel-Verdoorn asked 5 years ago

I noticed that I uploaded a partial srt file and now I can’t go back and have your system create the CC’s…what can I do without uploading the video again?

2 Answers
Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi Anne.
Let me add a button for this.  I can run it manually for you, but it will overwrite your uploaded subtitles.  Is that ok?
– Craig

Anne Gnuechtel-Verdoorn replied 5 years ago

Yes please. Thank you!

Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi Anne!
Ok, the button is there.  From the edit page, look up where the subtitle management icons are by the previous/next icons.
There is a little refresh icon.  Click it and you can start over with original titles.