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Jason Zawodniak asked 1 year ago


On desktop, I continue to get the black bars on the side of my Facebook videos.

How can I avoid this? I’ve checked on different computers and continue to see the black bars on the sides.

Thank you,

Jason Z.

infotrafficality-com replied 1 year ago

@Jason Zawodniak Hi Jason!
So I looked up that video and I don’t see the black bars:


Can you let me know where you are seeing that exactly, i.e. in the feed, directly on your page, etc.

Could you possibly give me a screenshot of the entire FB page?

Reason being, the only other time I have seen this happen is in the feed itself, when the user sends me a screenshot, their entire FB layout looked different, almost as if they had installed an extension that affected it or possibly they did not upgrade to the latest Facebook or something along those lines. I’m not sure… but that would be something to compare as well.

You might poll your users to see if they see the bars or it is only on your end to try to sort that part out.

My guess is, most people do not see them though and there is some atypical reason you are seeing them, but I can’t be 100% sure on that.

But I am definitely not seeing those bars on my end.

Let me know how I can troubleshoot further on this.