Chris Singleton asked 4 years ago

Every time I try to upload a video from drop box it freezes… Doesn’t tell me how long it’ll be or what’s happening… The blue bar goes almost all the way over to the right to indicate it’s almost finished and never reaches the other side.

Just bought this yearly option two days ago and it hasn’t worked at all yet…

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hey Chris,
How large is your file?
– Craig

Chris Singleton replied 4 years ago

The file is pretty large. Over 2GB. I uploaded it to my computer and then through to the site and that worked. I just figured I could go straight from Dropbox to clipscribe, correct? If it doesn’t work with files that large I understand… I just will have to upload it to my computer first

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

So, we use a 3rd party service to handle our uploads. They are great, except I did recently get a note from them that their DropBox/Drive import can have issues with files over 1GB so that is likely the issue here unfortunately, but looks like the regular upload worked for you.

If you need any other help with this, let me know. I am going to add a message to the uploader to make folks aware of this limitation.

Sorry for the confusion on that and thanks for your patience.

  • Craig