Google Drive errors?

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Jonathan Edwards asked 3 years ago

Hey there guys. Still trying to get a workflow going here.

I’m having an issue with Google Drive. (Also Dropbox) So a couple questions here.

When I link to Google Drive from Clipscribe (Filestack process, etc) It seems my Google Drive folders are all out of order. Once they settle, and I can find Clipscribe, the test video I uploaded isn’t there. (it was less than a minute long)

Is there an amount of time I need to wait until the file settles in Google Drive? I waited until the progress bar was completed do see if it was there. I’m just trying to get a solid process down where I could shoot, say, 30 60 second videos for Tik Tok, and then do another grouping, upload to Google Drive, import to Clipscribe etc.

Any help on this workflow would be awesome. Thanks.

Jonathan –

Jonathan Edwards replied 3 years ago

Also, when Google Drive does finally load, it’s all out of order. Not alphabetical. Thoughts?

Jonathan Edwards replied 3 years ago

Thanks Craig. On a side note. I just shot a video on my phone, tried to upload to Dropbox but kept getting an error. Is there a video setting I’m missing with dropbox?

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Jonathan Edwards I’ve never had any issues with DropBox. But I will have the new uploader online today, so hopefully it will resolve whatever that issue is you are having.
I will let you know when you can test.

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hey Jonathan.

On the Google Drive order, I am not sure I can do much, unfortunately. We use a company called FileStack for our uploads. All they do is uploads and they do them well, but we just don’t have total control over how it works. I will dig in a bit more to see about the ordering and see if I can find any info.

Google Drive uploads have been giving us trouble, so we actually just uploaded to a new plan that massively improves this. I hope to roll it out by tomm, so I would wait until then and test.

You will know it is online when the Google Drive uploads seem super fast. The progress bar only gets about halfway.

  • Craig
Craig Lillard Staff replied 3 years ago

@Jonathan Edwards Hey Jonathan. Our upload company hasn’t switched us on fully for the new Google Drive import, but I added you so you can test. I think you should be fine, but we are limited in bandwidth until they fully switch us on. But, I think we have enough for you.
Let me know how it goes. Just be aware that there may be a delay in creating your thumbnails, so if that is the case, just do a refresh of the my uploads page after a few minutes.