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Jim Park asked 4 years ago

I uploaded a 1080p HD video and the software created a 640 version.

If I change the VIDEO EXPORT QUALITY SETTINGS to HIGH, will it produce a 720 HD version?

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Jim!

So, by default, we export the same size as the video you upload.

As you can see in your screenshot, it says that particular video was 1280 pixels wide.

So, by default you will get a video that is 1280px wide unless you choose to uprez it by choosing 1920.

There is a difference between quality and resolution. Resolution measures the number of pixels wide and high. So, it isn’t as much of an indicator of quality per se, although the higher the resolution, the larger the video will be and therefore the higher quality one might perceive.

The reason we don’t up-rez by default is, if your original video is 1280 px wide and we uprez it to 1920, there will be a quality loss because we are having to fill a 1920 pixel space with 1280. So pixels have to be blown up reducing the perceived quality. But it is an option and you can do it in the max-res section of the settings.

The other settings, quality and speed, those affect the actually image quality of the pixels themselves.

For best results you want to upload a 1920X1080 HD video. (or 1280X720 would be second best, as you uploaded.)

Your most recent video, the ClipScribe downloaded version is 1280X1280, not 640? Maybe you changed it? (see attached image.)

Again, you shouldn’t get 640 unless your original was 640, so if that seems to be happening, please let me know.

Do be aware that changing the quality and speed settings can significantly affect video rendering speed. Generally, as long as your original video is HD, you shouldn’t really need to adjust those.

So, your other option would be to upres to 1920 px wide in the settings area.

Let me know if I can help further on this…



Jim Park replied 4 years ago

Hey Craig, thanks for your reply. I noticed the 640 when I uploaded it FB but just noticed it’s showing HD on the FB post now.
I’ll record in 1920×1080 going forward as per your recommendation.

Question: should I leave the video export quality to “best” instead of “high”?
What’s the difference in quality if change to “high” and how much additional time will it take to render at “high”?

Btw, this is an AWESOME software and was really easy to use. I’ll be promoting this my clients as an affiliate quite a bit.