liz wendling asked 5 years ago

I have made 6 videos so I know what I am doing but NOW I cant change the color of the header at all. Nothing is working. It was so easy to do but not it is stuck on one color

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi Liz!
Ok, I checked out your most recent video and was able to change the background on the top bar, so I am thinking.

1.  It could just be an odd bug.  So, I think I would refresh the page and try again.
2.  It could be you are trying to change the headline text background instead of the top bar background.  And the headline text (that says “Closing is the easiest part of the sale” has it’s own background, but it is transparent by default.  So, if you clicked on that to change the color, it wouldn’t appear to work until you moved the transparency slider.

That is what I ‘think’ might be happening, and I did a LOOM video below you can see where I demonstrate.  If that isn’t the case, if you could send me a loom video in return showing you trying to change the top bar background when it isn’t working, it would help me diagnose the issue.

Thanks Liz,