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Zach Story asked 4 years ago

Hey guys, quick question: I upload the video in HD, and when I download it after adding captions, it’s not. Is there a way to keep it in HD?

Mitch Wiggins replied 4 years ago

I have the same problem – it’s really blurry (not useable) when you upload it to clip scribe.

Ryan DeMent replied 4 years ago

I am having the same issue. Does Clip Scribe condense the video or downgrade the quality once you download the video

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

@Mitch Wiggins @Ryan DeMent @Zach Story
Hi all, I would need some specific examples here, but let me explain how it works.

1. When you upload your video, we create a smaller lesser quality version for you to edit with in our editor. The goal has been to create it quickly so you can get to editing and also keep the file size low so it loads and plays quickly. There isn’t really any reason to use a high-quality version for editing as it doesn’t have any bearing on your finished product, but I could consider upping the quality on the editing previews.

2. By default, whatever you upload is what you will get when you download. If you upload a video that is 1920 px wide, when you export it, you will get a 1920px wide video (unless it is vertical which by default is 1080px wide.). However, if you upload a 1280px wide video, you will get a 1280px wide video. Zach, I looked at your most recent created video and it is 1920X2400, so definitely HD. You can see the data on it below.

So, I just need to know if you are talking about your final downloaded video (which is the main thing that matters) or the preview you see when editing your video.

If the final downloaded video is, in fact lower resolution, it is almost always going to be because your original uploaded file was lower resolution.

Now, you can control the output settings (although I generally recommend only messing with this if you have to as it can drastically increase encoding times). You can do this by clicking on the little gear icon next to the MAKE and SAVE buttons.

@Ryan, this appears to be the issue in your case, It looks like you set your output size to 1080px instead of 1920px. So in your case, I would click the settings icon and change your output size to 1920px rather than 1080px.

Here is what I will do.

1. I think I will up the resolution of the preview/editor videos a bit.
2. I am going to put the export sizes into a drop-down menu in the MAKE button to make that a bit more clear.

Let me know what follow-up questions you all have.


Ryan DeMent replied 4 years ago

Thank you Craig! I will try that and let you know!