How do I shrink the size of the sub-title box

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsHow do I shrink the size of the sub-title box
Jacob Mays asked 1 year ago


My name is Jacob. I love your product.

I have three questions.

1) How do I shrink the size of the sub-title box? Not the text, the box it self.

2) If I remove the sub-title box (closed caption), by clicking the eye on the "bottom bar design" will that remove the box and increase the viewing size of the video? Sometime, I only want the title box and not the sub-title box at the bottom.

3) Similar to the first question, is there a way to resize the top bar with the titles are contained? I find that they are pretty large, relative to to my video.

This video illustrates things pretty well.

Thanks – Jacob

Craig Staff replied 1 year ago

@Jacob Mays Hey Jacob! Thanks for reaching out with these questions. If you have any follow-ups just reply to the email you get from this ticket and they will come to me directly.

Figured I would just make you a video to show you your options:

If that doesn’t answer your question just reply to the helpdesk email and I’ll get you sorted.

Jacob Mays replied 1 year ago

Thank you Craig! 🙏 The second part of your explanation addressed my question. I was concerned about removing the actual top and bottom blocks, not just the text in those blocks. I think I’m on the new system so I can adjust the size of the video. Thanks again.