how to get text off the screen during silent parts?

HelpdeskCategory: Questionshow to get text off the screen during silent parts?
Traci Brown asked 1 year ago

Hi!  The new update seems to now put words on the screen during the silent parts.  For example a quick intro with words goes to a quick animation (with only music and no words) but the text for the next clip is on the screen.   What’s the best way to delay the display of the text until the right time?  This wasn’t a problem with the last version!  THANKS.

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Craig Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Traci.
A couple of clarifying questions here.
1.  Are you talking about when previewing the video on ClipScribe or when making the final video?
2.  Can you link me to the editing page for the video in question and let me know the timing this happens?

Traci Brown replied 1 year ago

Hi! Thanks for taking a look. Here’s the editing page. The parts in question are during the video animation at about the 13 sec mark and then again at the very end. Curious to get your ideas. It wasn’t a problem before!

Craig Staff replied 1 year ago

I understand now and I have resolved this.
Thank you for letting me know!
– Craig

Traci Brown answered 1 year ago

Craig–I finally had a chance to see what your changes did.  Looks like it’s still posting the subtitles during the silent part of the video–It’s better but shows text too soon during the first video animation.  The one at the end is great.  Want to give it another tweak?

Craig Staff replied 1 year ago

Hey Traci. I made some more mods on this. Let me know how it is going. Thanks!
– Craig

Traci Brown replied 1 year ago

Looks like the text is still showing during the animated intro. Give it a look and see for yourself. Keep me posted! I’d like to roll this out soon but want it to be right. 🙂