I accidentally “made” the same video twice now can’t find it.

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsI accidentally “made” the same video twice now can’t find it.
Lydia Dolch asked 12 months ago

Thanks for this great product! The interface is so clean and easy. The tricky part for me is accessing it after I have “made” the video. Where is the default place where it is saved? If I accidentally “make” it twice, is there a way to get my monthly minutes back?

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Craig Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Lydia!
Sorry for the delay on my response here.  Had to take some downtime over the weekend.
So, you don’t get dinged with time when you make a video, only when you upload, so no worries there.
Your downloadable video is where you edited it.
Go to My Videos.  Click the plus sign on the video of choice and you will see a pencil icon on your previously edited layout.  Click that and the video will be on the edit page under the export tab.
I have an easier way to get to these coming in the next few days…