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Joseph Cotton asked 4 years ago

When I put my videos through clipscribe the video quality gets far worse and the audio gets out of sync when i upload to instagram. Do you know how to fix this? Instagram posts was the sole reason I bought this product

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Joseph!

I have a number of comments/questions on this we can look at.

First, is this a ClipScribe issue or an Instagram issue (or it could be a mixture of both).

How does your video look when you download it from us? Does it look fine and then when you upload it to IG it looks bad?

Often, the social networks will temporarily compress your video to get it up quickly and it can look bad, and then they run it again in higher quality, so this is something to check for. Does it get better?

It would also help if you could email me a screenshot of your video on Instagram, so I can compare it with your video on ClipScribe and see where the issue lies.

You can actually adjust the quality level of your video by clicking the gear icon next to the save and make buttons, although it can significantly affect render time and file size, so it would be good to make sure there isn’t another issue first.

Thanks!- Craig