Is it possible to resize a video?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsIs it possible to resize a video?
Tara Wright asked 4 years ago

I have horizontal videos edited for YouTube that I want to add subtitles to the bottom of without covering up the bottom of my video image because when we edit, we use this area for text or images already.Basically, I\’m looking to be able to re-size the video so I can have a black bar at the bottom where subtitles can go that is not covering my video.I upload the video and then choose the 16:9 template. But I\’m not able to re-size the video so I can add a bar at the bottom for the subtitles. Is there a way to create this type of template? For reference, see my"Zero Carb Foods" video at 9:16. All of the subtitles cover the screen. I want them at the bottom underneath the video which would require my video to be resized smaller in a frame.

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Tara,

So make the video universally smaller? What about the sides? If you make the video smaller you will have blank spots on the sides too. Is that ok?

Just trying to understand what it will look like. Can you send me a screenshot?

I am working on something like this, but want to make sure I understand.



Tara Wright replied 4 years ago

Yeah, I know the sides would have to be smaller too and that’s fine. It would be fun if it were a tablet frame or something.

I’m really just looking to add subtitles but have it be not on top of my video.Because if it’s on top of the video they can’t see the other things we’ve put on the screen.