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Gilbert Dougherty asked 2 years ago

Is there a way to adjust the number of words on the screen by default to make the videos more punchy. Right now clipscribe will put in a random number of words per frame, it would be awesome to choose how many words are on screen. For example in the image i have attatched its says "this video is for men that are 40 plus"

But what i would have preffered is to limit the number of words on screen to 5 for it to say:

"this video is for"

"men that are 40 plus"

The only way i can do this at the moment is to manually adjust the text on screen which kinda defeats the purpose of automating this out

Let me know whats possible!

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 2 years ago

Yes you can Gilbert,

So, go into the subtiles editor and there is a drop down menu at the top that says subtitle options.

Click ReProcess Subtitles. It will ask you what the max letter count is per line. Put in whichever you want and click the submit button.

This is a feature that I think not as many people use, so if you have any trouble at all, please let me know ok?