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Adam Meakins asked 12 months ago

Why all of a sudden are all the logos now appearing reversed in colour when saving the final edit???

Craig Staff replied 12 months ago

Hey Adam can you link me to an example video? Or give me the version ID? (It’s in the url on the editor page I.e. ?versionid=12344

Adam Meakins replied 12 months ago

This video here for example shows logo on white background but when downloaded it saves as reversed https://clipscribe.com/manage-transcriptions/?versionid=33993&startjob=1

1 Answers
Craig Staff answered 12 months ago

Hey Adam.  The logo you uploaded was in CMYK color format which is made for printing primarily and that was causing the issue.
I converted it over to RGB which is more for the web/video and it is working fine now.