Moving text (and time) from one block to another.

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Shivani Peterson asked 4 weeks ago

I want to move text and it’s associated time from one block to another.  I was doing this a couple of weeks ago, but now the functionality has changed a little.  I can still move text, but I do not have control over the amount of time I move to another block. Sometimes the increments moved will be .001 and sometimes .1 up a 1/2 second.  Is there a way I can control that?

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Craig Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Hey Shivani, Could you give me an example so I can test with it? i.e. take 1 second from the box that says ________ and move it to the previous box.

You should be able to move time without any issues. One thing to note is that the increments get smaller the closer you get to running out of time on the box you are moving time into, so maybe that is it?

In other words, I think time transfers in .1 increments until you get within .010 seconds and then it switches to .010.

I am always looking for ways to improve this, so in the process if you think of anything that would make it easier let me know.


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Shivani Peterson answered 3 weeks ago

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This is the video I’m working on right now and granted, it is a long video.  When I delete the empty blocks, after I do 3 or 4, I have to hit “yes” to confirm the delete an increasing number of times.  If I do not save changes after about 8 blocks I have deleted, the system hangs up (Unresponsive).
Also, I want to move a word and it’s time from one block to another.  I can move the word, but I cannot control the time to make it match with the words in the block. Sometimes with one click, .4 seconds will move.  At this point, I am unable to move a partial block.  I can only merge two complete blocks and maintain the integrity of the audio and caption.

Craig Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Shivani, would you be willing to do a screen share with me so I can see the problem from your end?
– Craig

Shivani Peterson replied 3 weeks ago

Yes. Can we do this at 4:00 pst today?

Shivani Peterson replied 3 weeks ago

We will just have to schedule a time to look at it. Give me some times that you are available and I will let you know what works best.