My videeo have been uploading for more tan 12 hrs

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsMy videeo have been uploading for more tan 12 hrs
Jorvic Vital asked 4 years ago

Team, I tried to get caption from one video yesterday and unfortunately the video hasn’t finished uploading. Not sure if this has to do with the changes made on the software. please advice!  

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Jorvic,
If a video stalls, try again.  Should never take that long, so just refresh and try another time.  If it stalls again, I would use the DropBox or Google Drive import.  At that point, it is stalling because there is some network bottleneck between you and us, so better off just using one of those importers.
What size was this video in file size?
– Craig

Jorvic Vital replied 4 years ago

Thanks Craig. It was actually stalled on a connectivity issue with the file..
Thanks again.