My Video is stuck on ‘Making Video’

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsMy Video is stuck on ‘Making Video’
Trevor Vernon asked 2 years ago


My video status says "Making Video"

The Video is called "RPS1" and it’s only 36 seconds.

It’s been in this state for nearly 1 hour so far.

Please can you resolve this



Craig Staff replied 2 years ago

@Trevor Vernon Checking on this now Trevor. Back in a moment.

Craig Staff replied 2 years ago

@Trevor Vernon Hey Trevor, something about your subtitles being pushed down out of the frame was the issue. If you aren’t using the subtitles, there is a little eye icon on the Subtitle Design Bar (where you set fonts, colors etc.) If you toggle that off then it will turn them off and will also encode much faster.
I turned them off and it exported fine.
I normally would work on figuring out the issue, but we are about to roll out a new update that will make it null and void, so this is the best fix for the moment.