My video keeps downloading with double subtitles

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsMy video keeps downloading with double subtitles
Karin Tierney asked 3 years ago

One of my video downloads has double subtitles, even though in the editor I only see one row and it looks great when I watch it and preview it. I hit make and that looks good too, but when I download it looks blurry and bad with double rows.It\’s the Riki – DoTerra Yoga Blends 1:1/16:9 video. I feel like I\’m wasting my monthly minutes trying to make and export it over and over.

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Karin.

I fixed this issue on this video so you can download it now.

There is a bug I have to fix though I will work on next. You had set a purple shadow on the box around the subtitles that was being applied to the text, so as long as you don’t add that shadow back, you will be fine.

I am going to resolve it so that the shadow applies to the box and not the text.

Anything else you need, I am here.