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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hey everyone. We have launched a new done-for-you service and you can post your questions here.

While ClipScribe is made specifically to help our users crank out attention-commanding video content, some of you want all of your time to be focused on your primary skillset and that is why we started this service.

Basically, all you will have to do is upload your video and we take care of the rest, creating/loading up your templates, adding your headlines, positioning your branding or emojis and editing your video and subtitles.

Based on the plan you choose this service provides up to 3 primary benefits:

  1. Primary video editing: This is the meat and potatoes. We double check and spell check your subtitles, format them the way you want (i.e. single line or double line), Then we edit out mistakes and blank spots and overall improve the flow of your video from start to finish. We create and apply your templates, branding and add your headlines per your specs. When we are done, you get notified and you download your video.

Based on your plan, we will export your video in 1-3 sizes/formats. (i.e. horizontal, vertical and square.) All you have to do is download and post.

  1. Mini-Videos: Then, depending on your plan, we also create one or more mini-videos for each format/layout we create for you. These are short cuts from your main video you can use as regular content or as promos to point people to your main video.

  2. Blog editing and formatting: If the plan you choose includes blog editing we will edit and format your transcription into a blog post. We will add headlines as well as edit spelling and grammar where needed. Then all you have to do is paste the blog post into your blog and click publish.

How much content could this add up to? Well on our "Triple Threat" plan we would export your uploaded video in up to 3 different layouts (i.e. square for Facebook & LinkedIN, horizontal for YouTube/Vimeo or your website and vertical for IGTV) and then we would create up to 3 different mini-videos for each of those platforms as well. Then, add in your blog post and that equals up to 10 pieces of content from a single video upload.

We also offer a subtitles-only plan. In this case, all we do is pre-edit your video flow and subtitles, fix spelling errors and improve the flow of your video from start to finish. When we are done, you would take over adding your headlines, templates and branding, etc. and you would export your finished video.

You still have full access of your ClipScribe account. We are basically providing you Virtual Assistant services without you having to go hire and train a virtual assistant.

So, let us know if you have any questions. This service is new, so your feedback is welcome.