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Michele Royce asked 3 years ago


I love using clipscribe but I’m losing something in translation and I don’t know if it is happening with clipscribe or vimeo. So I upload a few videos from clipscribe to vimeo so that I could put them in a custom landing page. When I view the page on my desk top the videos are a nice size but when I view them from my phone they are sooo tiny. So I reached out to the people that I do my landing pages through and this is what he said.

"So I just looked at this and it looks like the original size of your video was about 901px x 919px which would basically give you a square video. In order for the video to stretch to the ends it would need to have a landscape aspect ratio to it rather than portrait. The image bellow will demonstrate what I mean, the red border is the potential dimension that a landscape video could reach to but because this video was rendered out as a square it will not fill the entire way."

He said that the video needs to be a 16:9 ratio which is what you guys have on clipscribe, but somehow it is not translating across the platforms. There is a an option to hit full screen but I would really just like it to play from the page. Not sure where the hick up is or if it’s possible with the the tools that I have to fix it but I thought I would at least investigate.

I’ll send you the page so you can see for yourself.

thanks for your help,

Michele Royce