NEW FEATURES – No aspect ratio requirements and multiple layout options

HelpdeskCategory: AnnouncementsNEW FEATURES – No aspect ratio requirements and multiple layout options
Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey everyone.  Pretty big update is live this weekend.
Now, when you upload your video a couple of things happen.

  1.  Previously, if your video did not meet our aspect ratio requirements, it was rejected.  Now, we encode it and the system crops it or fits it automatically.  If the video isn’t large enough, you will have a blurred background fill in the space as is commonly seen in social media videos.

    While it is still ideal you use standard aspect ratios to avoid this, your video will still be ingested.

  2. We use this same feature to create multiple versions of your video.  Previously if you uploaded a vertical video for example you only had one layout due to the size of the video.  Now, we downsize it to square and vertical so you have more layout options.

    If you still want to go full vertical, just choose the same layout you would have picked before.

As always if you have any trouble or something doesn’t work as it should let me know.

Shane Kofoed replied 4 years ago

Hi Craig, This update was giving me issues over the weekend – when I upload a 16:9 video the video doesn’t fill up the entire editing area. Can you take a look?